Powerful Copywriting Tips For Writing Compelling Blog Posts

Do you know how to write the perfect copywriting blog?

Since the average human attention span is only eight seconds, the question is, How to gain attention fast and show the reader that the words and message you share are worth reading?

A copywriting blog is one of the essential elements of effective marketing.
What exactly is a copywriting blog, and how to write it? Let’s find out!

How do people read on screens?

While reading on the screen, people skim, search, and scan. This means we have to make content more skimmable, searchable, and scannable so that people can easier get our message.

According to some research, the human’s average attention span has significantly decreased over the 13 years, and it went down from 12 to only 8 seconds.

Today we are surrounded by a variety of information exchanged at the speed of light. It is almost a virtue to catch people’s attention.

In a content-driven world, businesses look to attract a larger audience like small children running to see their reflection in the water. Creating attractive, eye-catching content is the ultimate key to standing out from the crowd.

How to make yourself a better blogger?

Let’s be honest here. People won’t always read every word you write, so it’s up to you to make sure that everything you write is worth reading.

Dive deeper and find out what the content on your page should look like to gain readers’ attention. Here are our helpful tips for writing compelling blog posts:

Before you start writing, the first step is to research the topic and the keyword. Ask yourself, What is the goal of your content, what message do you want to send, and who are you writing for?

When users search for the content, they use a series of keywords. Think about these keywords, analyze and use them to better position yourself on Google.

Pro tip: Search for questions people ask on Google (“people also ask” section).

Start with the most relevant information and give value to your readers. An intro doesn’t have to be too long, but keep it short and clear. You just (yeah, right?!) have to inspire readers to keep reading.

Research the topic well and start with the most relevant information.

Don’t make a claim. Tell readers a story instead and give them a real-life example. The way you share your message tells people how to respond to it.

Keep it friendly, warm, and exciting enough to make readers stay on your page and read the whole article. It has to be like a part of the conversation, and your audience needs to feel the connection.

Storytelling is a human’s natural communication resource. Use it.

If your grandma can understand it, everyone will understand it as well. Some researches show that 50% of American adults cannot comprehend books written above 8th-grade level. If your copy is above 8th-grade reading level, some people probably won’t be able to read it.


It is not always how you write something; it’s also the way how you present it.

Write in shorter sentences and paragraphs. Use page structure, bullet lists, headlines, and subheadlines, and navigate your reader. Make your content readable and scannable because people are unlikely to waste their time zooming, scrolling, and pinching.

Simplify your copy by cutting “to be” verbs, and filler words, eliminating prepositions (for, in, into, off, about), using the active voice, etc.

Illustrate your point with captivating visuals.
Include images to provide a visual break for your readers. Because of a short attention span, people often get exhausted by reading long sentences and monotonous paragraphs.

Adding relevant visuals throughout the content can help break it up and make it more approachable for readers.

We hope this article will encourage you to hone your writing skills and help you create successful and compelling copywriting blog posts. Have any thoughts you want to share with us? Comment below, and feel free to give us a clap if you find these tips helpful. :)